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WFCA Committees

The following is a list of WFCA committees and other WFCA appointments, as well as the function and current membership of each.

BUDGET: Standing committee responsible for outlining and detailing the financial needs of the association on an annual basis (with regular review) and presenting at the October Board meeting a budget proposal for the following year.

  • Chair: Lee Boling (Spokane 8)
  • Bill Anderson (Spokane Valley Fire Department)
  • Larry Kibbee (Skagit 13)
  • Steven Slater (Southeast Thurston Fire Authority)
  • Tom Sutich (Gig Harbor Fire & Medic One)

BYLAWS & RESOLUTIONS: Standing committee which receives all recommendations from the membership that are sent to the WFCA office; processes member resolutions for the annual meeting. Reports to the Board and membership annually.

  • Chair: TBD
  • Members: TBD

CONFERENCE HOST: Committee that represents the local area for the annual conference; responsible for securing some speakers and presenters.

  • Chair: TBA

EDUCATION: Committee that researches membership needs of continuing education programs and makes recommendations to the Board; responsible for recommending curriculum for both the Saturday Seminar Series and conference educational programs.

  • Chair: Les Riel (Yakima 4)
  • Candy MdCullough (Vashon Island Fire & Rescue)
  • Mike Creighton (Mason 3)
  • Ed Egan (East Pierce Fire & Rescue)
  • Milt Harper (South Bay Fire Department)
  • Meredith Hutchins (Thurston 13)
  • Robert Muhleman (Central Kitsap Fire & Rescue)
  • Socorro Ruiz (Whatcom 18)
  • Roy Waugh (Snohomish 7)

ENHANCED 911 ADVISORY: The Statewide Enhanced 911 Advisory Committee was established by the Legislature in 1991 to specifically give advice and provide assistance to the state enhanced 911 coordinator who has rule making authority. It allows the various factions (counties, 911 centers, telephone carriers, regulatory agencies, fire, law enforcement, and the public) to collaborate to assure that the most effective E911 service is provided statewide.

  • WFCA Representative: Dave Pethia (West Thurston RFA)
  • WFCA Alternate: Gillian Gregory (North Kitsap Fire & Rescue)

EXECUTIVE: This committee is responsible for making recommendations to the Board and overseeing the day-to-day activities of the WFCA. Specific responsibilities are outlined in Section II of the Policies as Established by the Board of Directors and Article 7 of the WFCA Constitution and Bylaws.

  • Chair: Dan Rankin (West Pierce Fire & Rescue)
  • Brad Lothspeich (Clark 6)
  • Lee Boling (Spokane 8)

FIRE SERVICE LEADERSHIP FORUM: Originally a subcommittee of the Fire Protection Policy Board (which was disbanded by the Legislature in 2010), the Forum consists of several statewide fire service organizations whose purpose is to discuss issues and work together on common goals.

  • Chair: Dale Mitchell (East Pierce Fire & Rescue)
  • Jack Hensley (Spokane 4)

FIREFIGHTER TECHNICAL REVIEW (L&I): Created in statute, the WFCA holds two of several positions on this committee which are appointed by the Director of the Department of Labor & Industries. The committee provides technical assistance to L&I when an inspection or investigation of an emergency response situation reveals potential violations of firefighter safety or health standards.

  • David Ellingson (Poulsbo Fire Department)
  • Tom Sutich (Gig Harbor Fire & Medic One)

HEALTH CARE (officially known as the Insurance Rate Stabilization Reserve Account, or IRSRA, Committee): Appointed by the WFCA Board, the primary functions of the IRSRA, or Health Care, Committee are management, investment and security of the reserve funds generated by the WFCA from the statewide health care contract for fire districts and regional fire authorities. Currently, the Health Care Committee also serves as the Insurance Committee, whose task is to pursue and investigate various insurance matters pertinent to the operation of the WFCA and fire service programs and report findings to the Board.

  • Chair: Jack Hensley (Spokane 4)
  • Gene Carmody (Port Ludlow Fire & Rescue)
  • Ken Eakin (Yakima 12)
  • Jim Farrell (Mountain View Fire and Rescue)
  • Brad Langdell (Walla Walla 5)

LEGISLATIVE: Committee that reviews the legislative needs of the WFCA and its membership and monitors interim proposals. The legislative chair works directly with the executive director during session on day-to-day legislative activity. One committee member is appointed from each region of the state.

  • Chair & Region 7 Representative: Dale Mitchell (East Pierce Fire & Rescue)
  • Region 1 Representative: Jack Hensley (Spokane 4)
  • Region 2 Representative: Todd Blackman (Franklin 3)
  • Region 3 Representative: Mike Moore (Grant 10)
  • Region 4 Representative: Bill Dickinson (Kittitas 7)
  • Region 5 Representative: Jerry Evans (Camano Island Fire & Rescue)
  • Region 6 Representative: Dominic Barrera (North Highline Fire District)
  • Region 8 Representative: Roy Rhine (Clark 5)
  • Region 9 Representative: Gerald Preuss (South Kitsap Fire & Rescue)

NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF EMERGENCY & FIRE OFFICIALS (NAEFO): An association whose purpose is to help emergency and fire officials with local and national issues.

  • WFCA Representative: Gerry Gustafson (Graham Fire & Rescue)

NOMINATING: Standing committee responsible for presenting nominees for Officer and Board positions to the membership. A WFCA past president serves as chair; members of the committee consist of at least five active members of the association representing a majority of regions. 

2020 Committee:

  • Chair: Gerry Gustafson (Graham Fire & Rescue)
  • Members TBA


  • Brian Snure (Snure Law Office)


  • Jerry Bragg

The majority of committee members are selected by the WFCA President and most terms are effective January 1 through December 31 of each year. If you are interested in committee membership, please contact the WFCA office at wfca@wfca.wa.gov.