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WFCA Health Care Program--General Information


The WFCA Board of Directors approved the following premiums for medical, dental and life insurance plans for the 2018 Calendar Year. Effective January 1, 2018, some rates will go up while others remain the same. Click here to view a breakdown of the rates.

The last increase in self-funded medical premiums was in 2013. Utilization of medical services and a growing number of large claims (those exceeding $50,000) over the last 18 months are resulting in increased program expenses projected for 2018.

Please contact Health Care Manager Jim Lux at 800.491.9322, 360.943.3880 or jiml@wfca.wa.gov if you have any questions or concerns.


The Washington Fire Commissioners Association has offered its members valuable health care coverage for over 40 years. Let our experience help you provide your employees with the best coverage available on today's market at competitive, affordable prices. Here are just some of the program's features:

  • Active service coverage for early retirees.
  • Comprehensive coverage (for Fire Commissioners, too!).
  • Outstanding customer service.
  • No assessments to cover unanticipated claims.
  • Program Available to Member Fire Districts, City Departments and Regional Fire Authorities.

Contact WFCA Health Care Program Manager Jim Lux to discuss enrollment options:  toll-free 800.491.9322, telephone 360.943.3880, email: jiml@wfca.wa.gov. Call or email today!