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WFCA Health Care Manager Anne Marvin conducts a number of workshops for commissioners and administrative personnel of fire districts and regional fire authorities throughout the year. While these workshops are geared specifically toward entities enrolled in the Program, we encourage fire service organizations that are not enrolled, but have an interest in the program, to attend.

Workshops offer a great opportunity to meet and interact with Anne, our third party administrator (Trusteed Plans Service Corporation), and our insurance consulting staff (broker Parker, Smith & Feek). These are the key people who support the Program and facilitate the purchase and provision of comprehensive, affordable health care specifically for the benefit of fire service professionals and their families.

Fall workshops feature upcoming Plan Year information including rates and benefits, program changes and a glimpse into claims experience and overall trends. Other programs are offered at some WFCA Saturday Seminars (e.g., Chelan) and give specifics on the current Plan Year as well as general information about the Program.

If you would like more information regarding WFCA Health Care Workshops, please call Health Care Manager Anne Marvin at 800.491.9322, 360.943.3880 or email annem@wfca.wa.gov.