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WFCA Best Practices

The association is pleased to launch its newest webpage, designed to feature Best Practices that are submitted by fire service agencies for the benefit of WFCA members to use as a resource of ideas for continuous improvement. If your agency would like to share a Best Practice, please email information to norae@wfca.wa.gov.




The Department of Labor & Industries' Draft Safety Policies are provided below. Users have a choice of downloading/viewing these draft policies in one document or as individual chapters.



The WFCA would like to thank the following individuals, fire service agencies and groups for sharing the Best Practices examples listed above:  Terry Barnett, Jim Buck, Gene Carmody, Crescent Water Association, David Ellingson, Joyce Emergency Planning and Preparation Group (JEPP), Kent Fire Department RFA, Pierce County Fire Commissioners Association, Poulsbo Fire Department, Daniel Rankin, Rex Stratton, Vashon Island Fire & Rescue